Lyme – National Trust near Manchester

Before visiting Manchester, I found there were several National Trust properties nearby and decided upon Lyme for our third day…

…the fact it was used as Mr Darcy’s Pemberly home in 1995 BBC’s Pride and Prejudice may have helped sway my decision ūüôā¬† It also has an adventure playground, with den building and lots of trees to climb.


Before we headed up for an Easter Egg trail (¬£2.50 per person in addition to the entrance fee), the boys decided to sunbathe, then horse ride on each other, then have a play fight, and then do some hill rolling….

Chocolate collected, onwards to the park for a picnic.  I enjoyed the warmth of the sun whilst the boys ran round.

When it was time to go, the boys didn’t want to leave, and decided to walk through very muddy mud, and fall in.¬† Instead of the Wacky Warehouse I’d promised for good behaviour, we took a trip to Tesco Extra (minus trousers and shoes) to buy shorts and flip flops instead.

For the second two nights of our Manchester trip we stayed at Premier Inn Tameside Hyde (East Manchester).  Premier Inn are my favorite hotels with Hypno beds, free wifi and good night sleep guarantee.  I wish they offered a five person option.

This one had a Tesco Extra opposite, a McDonalds, and a Fayre and Square restaurant with Wacky Warehouse.

On route, I spotted a Travelodge at Didsbury (South Manchester) which will be a good option for visiting Manchester/National Trust properties in future.  It was close to a Cineworld, several restaurants, and a tram to Manchester (7 miles to the Museum of Science and Industry), with free parking.

Have you visited Lyme or other good National Trust properties?  Have you any recommendations for places to stay?

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