Slimmer of the month and club ten

Two weeks ago, I’d gained half a pound when I stepped on the scales at Slimming World.

I knew why. However, whilst feeling a little sorry for myself, I was awarded a slimmer of the month certificate and fridge magnet for my earlier efforts.

Last week, I was back on track, and achieved my Club 10 award meaning I’ve lost 10% of my total body weight in the past seven weeks.

My certificate says:

“Studies show that for overweight people, losing (and keeping off) 5-10% of your body weight can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke and diabetes, and improve blood cholesterol levels, asthma, sleep apnoea and mobility.”

If I keep the weight off for ten weeks I will get a week free. The next two weeks of school holidays will be challenging – any tips are much appreciated.

The lady who was slimming for her bridesmaid dress made it – “It fits”, she told our group two days before the wedding – brilliant 🙂

Thanks SlimmingWorld and our group for keeping me motivated.



#SlimmingWorld #TouchingHeartsChangingLives #SlimmerOfTheMonth #Club10

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