Northumberland Zoo

Today boy 1 and I visited Northumberland Country Zoo for the first time, near Morpeth.   

Despite it being a foggy grey kind of a day, it was a really good experience.  We saw lots of creatures we’d not seen before, and the staff were friendly.  Here are some pictures from our day.

We took up an offer to look round a new tractor barn which will be officially opening soon.  The farmer explained each time his dad had bought a new tractor, he kept the old ones for smaller jobs around the farm, so they now have a large collection.  He said when horses used to work the land they could cover an acre in a day.  When tractors became available, the first one his Dad bought was 35 horsepower, and he could cover 2-3 acres in a day.  As the years passed, you can see the tractors got bigger and more efficient, and they’ve been beautifully maintained.

There’s a nice tea room on site, and an ice cream/coffee shack next to the park, or you’re welcome to bring your own food.  Boy 1 loved the jungle atmosphere, and fact he got to sit opposite the gorillas bottom for lunch!  The gift shop was well stocked with cuddly treats.

Boys 1’s favourite parts of the day were playing in the park, and seeing the porcupines (he’d learned about their quills at school recently) and taranchulas.  I liked the wallabies – some who were boxing, and some with joeys in their pouches, and the hot room – especially the various stick insects.


There are some great photos and further information about several of the animals we saw today on their their website.

Have you been to Northumberland Country Zoo?  Or any other good zoos?

#NorthumberlandCountryZoo #NorthumberlandZoo


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