A walk and a play at Gibside

Yesterday afternoon we headed to Gibside.  Having had a two year break from National Trust, we’ve recently renewed our family subscription, and it’s was great to re-visit one of our favourites.  

First up we walked through the walled gardens and orangery.  The boys were sad there were no bees in the hive, but there were some quirky large flowerpots and a young children’s area with colourful tables and wheelbarrows.

Next up we walked through the trees up to the statue of liberty, and on to the stables area with a cafe, a (fake) milkable cow, and indoor castle play area.

We then all had a go through the Nature Play area, walked past the large den building area, and on to the low ropes.

Finally we visited Strawberry Castle park – one of our all time favourites – before heading home.

It’s been good spending quality family time in the fresh air.  There are lots of great goings ons at Gibside – details are available on their website.  We look forward to returning soon, and I’d like to try the route to relaxation walk (leaflets available at reception).

Are you a Gibside fan?  What are your favourite things to do there?

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