As one door closes somewhere a window will open…

Today I weighed in one stone lighter than when I started Slimming World five weeks ago. I was slimmer of the week for the second time. I’ve been amazed how quickly this has happened, whilst not feeling hungry.


What’s the secret – meal planning at the start of the week, having cooked chicken pieces and fat free Greek yogurt on standby, and reducing drinking to two nights per week.

Slimming world has been totally different to what I expected. Our Leader runs several classes and it was her ten year anniversary last week. The group ran a surprise party for her, with presents including a new water boiler (rather than two kettles on the go), lots of flowers, a framed poem, and beauty vouchers.

Slimming World currently have a national campaign collecting bags for Cancer Research. Last year, our group raised £1,600, and £3 million was raised across the country. This year, 8,000 golden bags have been hidden amongst the regular purple bags, and if you find one you’re in with a chance of winning one of ten trips to London with spending money, or 100 prizes of £100. Someone in our group has found a golden one, and we’re all rooting for her. It feels good to be part of this.

This week at group, some recipe suggestions included sea bass (cooked in foil), chicken skewers from Iceland (4 for £3, 1/2 syn each), stir fries (add soy sauce or Chinese five spice and garlic), and garlic mushrooms (recipe will be posted in our active local Facebook group).

In group, it’s about working together as a team, and this week we collectively lost 66 1/2 pounds. I like hearing the real life stories – one lady is trying to slim to be a bridesmaid as the others are all size 10. She has a tight schedule and get’s excited as she hits her targets. She was ecstatic when she won the weekly raffle of an electric egg maker, as she’d never been able to boil eggs properly.

Here are some pictures of the food we’ve cooked and eaten over the last two weeks;

Achieving my one stone certificate has meant a lot as I’ve had a tough couple of weeks. I had an interview for my current role (to make it permanent), and didn’t get it. At first I tried to carry on as normal, but it’s having a profound impact. Thanks to family and friends who have been supporting me.

Thankfully, working in wellbeing I’ve learned a lot about resilience and been trying to put this into practice. The free meditations on the Insight Timer App are great at helping me get to sleep (I plug my headphones in and most nights wake up with them still on as I’ve dropped off before the end). I’ve also been taking lots of long walks.

I’m looking forward to the Easter hols. We’ve got some good trips planned including one to Belfast, and I look forward to sharing these with you.

Oh, and here’s a picture of the boys on Comic Relief day.


I hope you’ve had a good couple of weeks, and if you’ve any tips for things to do in Belfast, or for coping with challenging situations I welcome hearing from you. Thanks.

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