Pinocchio at Whitley Bay

This afternoon we watched Pincchio at Whitley Bay Playhouse …

I find it interesting how differently I perceive children’s stories now I’m a Mam.  What I remembered from childhood was Pinocchio was a naughty boy whose nose grew when he told lies.  When I saw this play, I realised he didn’t stand a chance against the bad influences who sold him to the circus, and encouraged him to go to “Fun land” to be turned into a donkey!  Lucky he had a friendly cricket and blue fairy to look after him in this musical version.
This is the third play I’ve seen by Immersion Theatre, an up and coming company who tour the UK.  There was only one showing at the Playhouse, but you can find future events at their Facebook page and website.


There’s another children’s play at the Playhouse on 16th March called Elmer the Patchwork Elephant Show (from the creators of The Very Hungary Caterpillar Show).  Tickets are £16.40 each, but we were given this flyer with a 2 for 1 discount code.



We managed to get parked in the free Playhouse car park outside the theater.  There’s another free car park nearby at Whitley Park (with a basketball court, unique play equipment and a water park during summer).



Before heading home, the boys burned off some energy in the park.  We drove up the coast to St Mary’s lighthouse (where the tide was in), and then back along to Tynemouth.  I love this stretch of coast.


Have you been to Whitley Bay recently?  Or seen any good shows?


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