Half a pound and a trip to Bournville

It’s been a busy week…

On Sunday morning when I arrived at running club people had race numbers pinned to their tops. I’d not clocked on the Facebook group it was the first of monthly 5K races. I’d also not clocked they would use times from today as a baseline to see how much you improve over the year. Feeling “in the mood to kick a little ass” (quote from a favourite film – The Cutting Edge) I ran hard and achieved my best time yet. I was pleased, but could hardly breathe by the end, so won’t be disappointed if it’s my fastest time over the whole year.
On Tuesday I had two meetings at the boys school with the Maths and Arts subject leads. For the past four years I’ve been a Parent Governor. I’m coming to the end of my term but am looking forward to continuing helping with Artsmark.
The same day at work I’d set a call to discuss a wellbeing approach for our organisation’s 2000 employees. I’m pleased it went well, and a Director is taking our proposal to their next Senior Leadership Team meeting.
Wednesday and Thursday I headed to Bournville, home of Cadbury World for a meeting with our Coaching Network. It was interesting to see purple lamp posts and railings at the station representing the famous chocolate brand, and there were lots of purple and white flowers too. They had an interesting health and safety feature – several signs which light up blue when conditions are freezing to ask staff to take extra care (I’ve never seen these before).
At the coaching event, it was great to host my first Laughter Yoga session, I was nervous beforehand, but once I got started I got really into the playful exercises and very good, very good, yays 🙂 I took people on a trip to the zoo, on a roller-coaster ride, and finally people lay down on their backs and wiggled their hands and feet in the air caterpillar style – no wonder they were laughing out loud – it was a sight to behold 🙂
Food-wise, at home I’ve tried more Slimming World recipes including sweet and sour pork with noodles and fresh pineapple, spaghetti bolognese, and home made chips (delicious).
In Bournville, I enjoyed a three course evening meal, and pint of local ale. I also had a bigger than usual breakfast, a two course lunch plus a mid morning freshly baked cookie which I couldn’t resist. Compared to pre-Slimming World trips I opted for healthier choices such as pork, potatoes and veg (although unknowingly the veg were Mediterranean style drenched in oil). Lunch was warm mackerel (I can’t remember ever having it warm and it was so good – I’ve added it to next weeks meal plan) and salad. On the train home I had Teriyaki chicken with sticky rice, edamame beans and salad – in the past it would probably have been a Burger King.
Today (Friday), I’d lost half a pound at Slimming World Group. People had been invited to cook their favourite dishes and bring them in to sample. I tried curry loaf, chilli turkey sausages, slimming world sausage rolls, mushroom rice, passion fruit muffins, and my favourite was a crust-less quiche.
Immediately after group, I had a coffee whilst planning meals for next week – which will include jacket potatoes with tuna, sweetcorn and fat free natural yogurt, beef and bean hotpot bake, and beef lasagne. I’m going to snack on quiche and chicken legs and thighs (no skin).
I finished the day with a trip to the cinema.
I hope you’ve had a good week. What have you been up to?
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