Slimmer of the week!

Upon weighing in at group this morning, I discovered I’d lost 5lbs this week, and was the slimmer of the week.  I won a goody bag of fruit and tinned goods.  I was also presented with 1/2 stone lost certificate.  Go me!  (I almost fell off my chair!)  I was not expecting this, so it really brightened my day.

How have I achieved this?  I’ve mostly followed the rules all week, and have eaten a much higher proportion of fruit and veg.

A typical week before would include at least a couple of pizzas, portions of Yorkshire puds with gravy, packets of cashew nuts from Lidl (great value) and 1/2 tubs of cooked Camemberts.

This week I’ve swapped oil for fry light spray (sunflower), and nuts for a banana and an apple each day.  Rather than cheddar and Camemberts, I’ve had cottage cheese and fat free yogurt.  Inspired by photos on our Facebook Slimming World Group, I made my own hummus (first time) which was so good.  Not only is it a free food (I can eat as much as I like), it’s going to save us over 50p each batch (compared to our favorite store bought one).  I also made pancakes with oats instead of flour which are going to be great for Boy 1 who has a gluten intolerance.

Tonight I made a steak pie with pease pudding topping which was simply two tins of Asda steak meat, pease pudding spread over the top, with a few squirts of fry light spray and black pepper.  On the side we had crispy curly kale (another first), which was delicious.  I sprayed it with fry light, sprinkled it with salt, then cooked for 6 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius).

By planning meals in advance, I didn’t once feel hungry, and am looking forward to next weeks menu which includes the Slimming World feature recipe of the week Chinese sweet and sour pork.  Thanks Dad for my zero alcohol Heineken 🙂

What are your favourite foods?  Do you have any good recipes to share?


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