Sunday Roast – slimming world style

Yesterday, I cooked my first slimming world Sunday Roast, and the boys rated it 9/10 – yippee 🙂 

The meal consisted of:

  • pork loin with some foil over it (no oil)
  • roast potatoes sprayed with fly light spray, with oxo gravy poured over them (500 ml water with 2 x beef oxo cubes)
  • veg boiled/steamed in two tier pan – carrots, parsnips and broccoli
  • yorkshire puds (Granny Annie’s method using equal quantities of eggs, flour and milk, with fry light spray) – yum
  • mushy pea gravy


Boys 2 and 3 needed some persuasion to eat their veg in the form of jam roly poly and custard.  Well done Boy 1 for setting a good example for your brothers.

I’m looking forward to trying other variations in future weeks.

How do you enjoy your Sunday roast?  Have you any recipes and techniques you can share?  Thanks

#SundayDinner  #SundayRoast  #YorkshirePuds  #RoastsCookedInGravy #MushyPeaGravy

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