Harry’s Christening

Yesterday we traveled to a village outside York for Cousin Harry’s Christening.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and it was great to see family and friends all dressed up.  From pink sequins and flamingos, to purple blouses and waistcoats there was plenty of colour.

Harry Christening Cake.jpeg

The service was in a cosy church, and the woman vicar was brilliant.  It was family affair with Harry’s brother, sister and Nana all having roles including reading a prayer and lighting a candle.  There were a few moments of “can you pass me the…   including the holy water?” which made it extra memorable.  Harry was well behaved throughout – he gave excited squeals in the right places, and simply flicked his hair when it was wetted.

Although both christened ourselves, Dad and I are not religious, and chose not to get married in a church or christen our children.  However, I enjoy opportunities to visit churches, and am glad to be invited to others.  I hope this tradition continues well into the future.

After the ceremony we headed to a venue for food, drinks and catch up time.  There were activity packs for the children, and they all played nicely together.  Nana Jenny had baked several of her amazing cakes, and their was a beautiful fruit platter too.  What a great day.

Have you been to a christening recently?  What do you like best about christenings?

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