Thoroughly Modern Millie

Last night I went to see a friend in this play by Fatfield Musical Stage Society. I have seen a few of their shows and am impressed with the quality. The singing and dancing were fantastic (including tap routines), and there were several laugh out loud comedy moments.

The play is based on the 1967 film starring Julie Andrews, and is set in 1920’s New York. A rogue chinese hotel owner is selling orphaned wannabe actresses as slaves, whilst Millie Dillmount and her friend are inadvertently getting invovled in love triangles. The characters are strong and fun, and I’m looking forward to re-watching the film.

At £10 a ticket, with the option to choose your own seat, it was great value for money. I enjoy the inimacy of smaller community theatres, and based in a school this was no exception.

Here’s a link to the Fatfield Musical Stage Society Facebook page – click “Like” to keep up to date with future events.

Have you seen this show? Or any other good ones recently? Thanks.

#ThoroughlyModernMillie #FatfieldMusicalStageSociety

Thoroughly Modern Millie

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