Morocan Meatball Stew and more…

Yesterday (Friday) I attended my second Slimming World group. Despite visiting more than one fast food joint and restaurant, and drinking pints whilst we were in Yorkshire I was surprised I lost 1.5lbs.

Whilst I could have tried harder the week was not wasted – I read the welcome pack including “Be in love with food optimising” and “Be delighted with the first six weeks” and have a good gist of how the system works. There are three steps to follow:

  1. Choose free foods e.g. fresh fruit and veg, rice and pasta – you can eat as much as you like with no weighing or measuring
  2. Choose healthy extras – which consist of 2 dairy (e.g. milk or cheese) and 1 either fibre (e.g. cereal or small slice of wholemeal bread) or healthy oils (e.g. nuts)
  3. Choose your syns – between 5 and 15 a day (1 glass of wine, or 4 jaffa cakes are 10 syns)

There are electronic weight loss tools to help you plan and track your food and activity, and an app where you can quickly check quantities/syns.

Best of all is the closed Facebook group where members post inspiring photos of what they’ve cooked and links to recipes. For me joining is mostly about building a routine around healthy cooking for our family, and trying new ideas. This support will be invaluable.

At group, I enjoyed hearing about the Morocan Meatball Stew (feature recipe on the website) which Boy 1 and I cooked tonight for tea. It’s the first time I’ve ever made meatballs with my own hands, and we were both proud. It will be interesting to compare ours to the frozen ready meal Iceland stock.

Another feature recipe is the Slimming World Sunday roast, which we’re going to try tomorrow – we’re going for pork, with 1 syn Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes (cooked in 500ml of water a 2 x beef oxo cubes), and veg. There is a gravy you can make with mushy peas which sounds interesting.

Other things recommended at group were the slow cooker recipes, student/budget 7 day planner (good if you want to eat quick), Heinz Creationz Lentil Curry (microwavable pouch is 0 syns and great with rice), and spiralized vegetables (great to mix half and half with pasta). Our group leader shared that Wilko’s had 65p A4 meal planners – when I went to pick one up they were reduced to 10p – brilliant 🙂

Have you tried any good recipes recently? Do you have any tips for a good Sunday roast? Thanks.

#MoroccanMeatballStew #SlimmingWorld #SundayRoast

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